Parking Agreement: Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, the Applicant specifically agrees to abide by all of the following rules and regulations:


AES Campus Parking Services (AESCPS) grants to Applicant (herein referred to as ”You” or “Your”) the exclusive license to park, at your sole risk, your vehicle ONLY in the specific AES Campus parking lot as assigned by AESCPS.  To utilize this license, You must at all times display the parking decal or mirror hanger provided by AESCPS.  Vehicles not displaying this identification are subject to being towed without notice.


If You are assigned to a specific lot, then you are licensed to ONLY park in said lot.  You are licensed to park in the lot assigned to You on Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  Until further notice, parking during all other hours is first-come, first-served in the Building’s Main Lot unless directed otherwise. 


You hereby accept your assigned parking lot “as-is”, and agree that it is wholly suitable for Your parking needs.  AESCPS reserves the right to reassign, from time to time, Your vehicle to another parking lot.  If AESCPS needs You to temporarily move Your vehicle for any reason, we will communicate with You via the contact information submitted with this application, and You agree to reasonably cooperate.


​You acknowledge that the speed limit inside all parking areas is 10 miles per hour, and You agree to operate your vehicle in a safe manner and obey all posted signs.


If You park in an AES Campus parking lot other than Your assigned lot, You hereby agree that: (1) Your vehicle shall be subject to being towed without any prior warning or notification, and You shall be responsible for paying all towing and impound lot charges; and  (2) You may additionally be subject to the termination of all parking privileges and/or a fine of $50.00 at the discretion of AESCPS.  


You agree to receive electronic communications as it relates to this Parking Agreement by email, text messages and/or paper mail.  AESCPS will occasionally send out Campus-wide construction notices or other important information applicable to You.


​If You park in one of our indoor garage facilities for which there is a monthly fee, AESCPS accepts payments ONLY via our Online Payment Portal system.  Payment for said Parking privilege is due on the 1st day of each month.  Payments by cash or check will NOT be accepted.  A late fee of $25 will be applied to Your account if payment is not received on or before the 1st.  When setting up Your online payments, please select the “Recurring Monthly Auto Payment” in the Online Payment Portal.  You will have two choices for payment method: (1) via eCheck (direct ACH) from your checking account, which is free, or (2) via any major Credit Card (except American Express), which is subject to a standard processing fee.


Neither AESCPS, Tell Companies Limited or any related entity assumes any responsibility for any damage to Your vehicle.  AESCPS also reserves the right to modify or create any additional rules and regulations that, in AESCPS's judgment, may be desirable for the safety, security, maintenance and efficient operation of the parking areas.  This Parking Agreement (i) shall not be transferable to any other party; (ii) may be terminated by either party by giving thirty (30) days advance written notice to the other party; and (iii) shall be automatically terminated in the event that You cease to be employed by a tenant of the Building, or if Your employer ceases to be a tenant in the Building.  No refund or pro-rated adjustment will be made for any partial months of parking use.